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GameStop - is it a good investment? - HP Value Investing Show #2

Over the last few weeks GameStop has been in the news repeatedly.

There has been a lot of discussion around what happened, and the implications, but there hasn't been a lot of discussion around if GameStop is actually a quality company. What is the business like; are the financials strong, and is the company undervalued?

That's why we decided to make this video, where we analyse the company and determine if we would invest in GameStop or not.

Click below to watch the video.

We hope you enjoy it,

Lars and Roshni

Contents of video:

00:00​ - Intro

00:27​ - About the company

01:07​ - Share price movements

01:40​ - Business tenets

04:14​ - Management tenets

05:30​ - Financial tenets

10:04​ - Value tenets

12:18​ - Conclusion: would we invest?

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