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Our Latest Investment: Hargreaves Lansdown - HP Value Investing Show #3

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

In this week's video we discuss our latest investment, Hargreaves Lansdown, a UK based online investing platform for retail customers.

We bought shares a few weeks ago at around £15.00.

In this video we cover why we invested, looking at factors such as the industry dynamics, financials, management, and valuation.

We hope you enjoy it,

Lars and Roshni

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00:00​ - Intro

01:01​ - About the company

01:33​ - Historical P/E ratio

01:51​ - Share price history

02:07​ - Business tenets

04:17​ - Industry analysis and future growth

08:55​ - Management analysis

11:26​ - Financial tenets: return on equity, free cash flow and profit margins

13:10​ - What is the fair value per share?

14:45​ - Risks

17:30​ - Conclusion


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